Since its inception, MGM Resorts International has demonstrated a powerful commitment to the philosophy of social responsibility—a reflection of the fundamental integrity that informs our business conduct and our relationships with our employees, our guests, our communities and our planet Earth. We are inspired by our recognition that we have a vast ability to maximize shareholder value and make a positive impact on our world. Parallel to our goal to excel financially, in an ethical and responsible manner, is our ambition to make a unique contribution in our singular way to solving the societal challenges that confront us all. As we accelerate our Company’s progress, we believe that social responsibility is one of our boldest new frontiers.

We have unified our pioneering diversity and inclusion, community engagement and environmental sustainability initiatives under the comprehensive platform of Inspiring Our World. This measure promotes greater synergies among these pillars, and solidifies their integration with our Company culture and our overarching values of Integrity, Teamwork and Excellence.

As much as our responsibility expresses our sense of moral obligation, we are keenly aware that our social responsibility initiatives will enhance our global competitiveness and position our Company for long-term economic growth. Our ability to survive and prosper is of course dependent upon our preservation of the invaluable resources of this great Earth. It is simply elemental that environmental sustainability is the foundation of humanity’s future. Sustainability in our operations and practices is a catalyst to business efficiency and effectiveness, and ultimately higher margins.

Likewise, more than ever innovation is the driver of competitive success in the 21st century. The key to game-changing innovation—the creation of not just better performance but iconic excellence—lies in the vast reservoir of talent of our extraordinary employees, and our realization of the full potential of their creativity. Diversity, inclusion, teamwork, leadership and engagement—they are all potent factors in the continuous improvement and progressive thinking that nurture innovation. As noted business strategist Lawrence M. Miller so aptly put it, “Excellence is not an accomplishment. It is a spirit, a never-ending process.”

At the same time, we are more than a mere corporate fixture in the communities where we operate—we are a vital, enduring part of the living fabric of our locales and regions. Our community framework, physical and social, shapes the quality of our lives and our customer experience. Contributions we make to strengthen our communities today are investments in our shared future of tomorrow.

We are excited to present to you our ambition, our inspiration and our accomplishments. We are proud of our gains, but readily acknowledge that our work is far from done. Our challenge is to continually find new ways to weave our responsibility commitment into actionable strategies—to perpetuate our business, our communities and our circle of humanity for generations to come. We welcome you on our journey as we seek to Inspire Our World.

Jim Murren
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Alexis M. Herman
Chair, Corporate Social Responsibility Committee,
Board of Directors