In 2000, MGM Resorts International became the first gaming company to voluntarily declare a formal diversity initiative as a matter of integrity and as a business imperative. The premise for our declaration is a simple reality: our Company is a microcosm of our world–among our employees, our guests, our business partners and our suppliers the four corners of our planet intersect. To achieve our Company vision and mission to be the recognized global leader in hospitality and entertainment, we embrace diversity and innovation to inspire excellence. Diversity and inclusion anchor our culture of mutual respect among our diverse collection of extraordinary people–our greatest strength. We are all unique individuals but we are all connected and interdependent. We engage the contributions of every individual team member to fuel ultimate teamwork. We strive to leverage our powerhouse of diverse ideas and perspectives into results-oriented synergies that drive peak performance in our delivery of superior guest service and memorable guest experiences. We combine consistency in policy with flexibility in practice and methods to instill the values of diversity and inclusion throughout our enterprise.

Our diversity competency expands our dimensions of potential business opportunity and business partners domestically and around the world. We recognize diversity as fundamental to modern business dynamics and cutting-edge competitiveness in the 21st century global marketplace.

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